Amine 外籍教师

       Amine, graduated in 2012 with a Master's degree in economics and since then I've been a tutoring and teaching Econ. Successfully Completed the CELTA course in 2017 under Cambridge University to teach English as foreign language and have been teaching English since then to adults and young learners in Turkey, Morocco and China. I believe in making learning fun and I'm always encouraging children to where they stop having an “I can't” attitude. I also believe that the school and the classroom is a living community, and that everyone; from teachers, students, principal and parents, can contribute to a positive atmosphere. I also believe that every kid is individual, in the sense that everyone learns at their one pace and that’s why I make sure to incorporate multiple teaching techniques to push my students and that no one is left behind. 

       大家好,我是Amine,于2012年毕业,并获得经济学硕士学位,从那时起,我一直从事有关经济学的辅导和教学。2017年在剑桥大学成功完成了CELTA课程,以英语作为外语授课,此后一直在土耳其、摩洛哥和中国为成年人和幼儿学习者教授英语。我相信我可以将学习变得有趣,并且我总是鼓励孩子们勇敢尝试,不要怀有“我不能”的态度, 我也相信:在老师们、孩子们、园长和家长们的共同努力下可以为孩子们营造积极的学习氛围,因此每位孩子在幼儿园的生活学习空间中都可以做到积极的学习心态。每个孩子都是个体,每个人都按照自己的步调学习,这就是为什么我要努力确保结合多种教学技巧来推动我的孩子,激发孩子们的学习兴趣。