Liana 外籍教师

        Hello! My name is Liana. I've graduated from Ufa State Aviation Technical University and I teach English in China for 4 years already. I've worked in different educational institutions and gained enough experience to share. My favorite quotes are "In small things, perfection is born" and "Practice makes perfect", so that's why I pay a lot of attention to details for the comprehensive development of children.  I like to watch them grow, strive, learn something new and I am glad to be involved in this wonderful process!

       你好!我叫Liana。我毕业于俄罗斯乌法州立航空技术大学,在中国教英语已有4年了。 我曾在不同的教育机构工作,并获得了足够的经验来分享。 我最喜欢的名言是:“在小事情中,完美就诞生了”和“实践造就完美”,这就是为什么我非常关注儿童全面发展细节的原因。我喜欢看着他们成长、奋斗和学习新的东西,我很高兴参与这个美好的过程!